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Our teachers always used to worry that we would believe everything we read on the internet. They spent hours drumming in the fact that Wikipedia was not a real source. But they needn’t have spent so much time on it I think. My generation knows better than anyone how easy it is to put trash up online. We know intuitively what sort of websites we need to check, and how many, before we believe something.

As for writing advice, well, the internet is full of it. There are pages and pages telling you how to write, what to write, how to edit, how to get published and so on. It goes on forever but it’s mostly trash. The authors of the webpages have (mostly) never published a book themselves and there’s a lot of bitterness. There’s also a plethora of instructions to contradict those found on publishing company websites. The bitterness is indicative that getting a novel published is hard work. The contradictions are a warning that the author is out of touch with the present circumstances. In any case, I do not wish to go there to learn how to write.

Before beginning my second draft I decided to find at least one piece of reputable advice. I chose Neil Gaiman because I like his books and he seems adept at using the internet… Without further ado: the most trustworthy piece of second draft advice I found in about 10 minutes of searching.

One thought on “on advice…

  1. I know this is a bit of a “meta” comment – but I think that this is a really well written post. Thanks for it! (oh, and Neil’s bit was good too…)

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