Writing Update

It’s hard to say that my story is done but I think it is. At the very least I think I am done with it. I’m about to go overseas and if, when I return, my full manuscript has not been requested by Hot Key Books then I’m going to send it to Australian publishing companies. I’ve set up my lovely list of who I think would most like it, how to submit to each place, and personal deadlines by which each activity should be done.

And I’ve started writing my new book. I’ve been mulling over the idea of it for ages – almost the whole time I spent editing the last book. It’s going to be really different, it’s going to be fun and I am psyched. I’m not sure how much I’ll write while I’m overseas but I’m sure the ideas/inspiration part of my brain will be working in overload.

While I am away I’m not sure what you should be expecting of this blog… There will definitely be photos, possibly poorly explained maths, and hopefully some words here and there.

Bye for a while, City of Perth.

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