I finally bit the bullet and decided to go print out my novel at Officeworks. All my editing, up til now, has been on a computer screen. But I only have a few more publishing companies to send it to and I really want it to be the best story it can be, you know. And I heard that printing it out really helps.

Well I don’t know if it’s the time away from the story or the fact that it’s now on paper but I just spent an hour or so slaving over the first two chapters. Rewriting every sentence. It will be better at the end of this process than it was at the start. But will it be good? That’s the question.


I’ve always had lofty ambitions. But they’re never out of reach.

favourite book of the month

This seems like a good regular thing to post about. I suspect it will be tough though. My mind is already at war over which book I think I liked best. It’s close. Some of them were so different it doesn’t feel fair to pit them against one another. One of them made me cry for several chapters. Another was so crazy and unique I think I need to read it through three more times just to work out was going on. I loved it though, through all the craziness. Uh, okay. I’m done with the second guessing myself. My favourite book of the month was…


…Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman.

It did not make me cry. It did make me laugh and think and it caught me up completely, making me want to go read a whole bunch of Anansi stories with a fresh mind. I guess I just like the way Neil Gaiman writes and, other than Good Omens, I think this is my favourite thing by him so far. (Admittedly I haven’t read American Gods yet. That’s next on the list.)

It was good, you know. It’s the sort of book that will always be there on your bookshelf begging to be read again and each time you open it you’ll do so with a smile and a realisation that you’re willing to give up the next few hours of your life to belong in its world again.

a strange life

Peter and I are sharing a computer. That’s right.

His crashed and it’ll be at least another week until the one he’s going to build will be ready. So we’re sharing my laptop. I’m not even going to pretend that’s not hard.

So his brain is filled with all the different parts of the computer you need to build one: which brands, what will they need to do, how do they all fit together.

And me, I’m planning a balcony garden. I’m getting excited. Here’s the list of plants + seeds I’m going to order this afternoon:

  • pak choy
  • radish
  • carrot
  • nasturtium
  • basil
  • oregano
  • mint

I’m pretty excited. He’s pretty excited. Life is interesting, to say the least. Here’s to the next few weeks.


what’s up with the phd?

I don’t post about my work much for a whole lot of reasons (the main one being that I’d rather talk about the actual content but you really need an undergraduate degree in maths for that to be interesting reading) but today I thought I’d break that streak a little bit. I’m nearly half way through, so why not?

  • That’s the main scary thing: being nearly half way through. I feel like I haven’t learnt a lot, and haven’t done very much, but when I look back at who I was and what I knew at the start, I know my feelings lie to me.
  • Knowing that my feelings lie to me has probably been essential in not quitting. Moving interstate helped too. Something’s got to be pretty horrible for you to quit after dragging your husband halfway across the country.
  • I’m having a good week. That needs to be said when it happens because so often I forget that any good weeks happen.
  • I am still struggling to work out what the point of my phd is, where the research is going, but I have more of an idea now and I’m less worried about the fact that I don’t know the things I don’t know.
  • I’m looking forward to this year of research. After that I guess it will mostly be panic and writing but this year is looking interesting.

Yeah that’s all for now. I just like to remind the blog part of myself that she is doing this whole phd thing.

a belated blog post


So it’s been 10 days since I last posted. Life was relaxing and then busy and then blah. You know how it goes. I’m doing really well on some of my goals (ukulele, reading) but not so well on others (running, being less stressed).

I’ve decided to add another goal to that list, that will possibly replace the cooking goal (who knows!), and it is to have a little garden on my balcony. Are you excited? I’m excited. First up: basil!

But definitely the most exciting thing of the last week or so was going on a mini camping trip last weekend! It’s the first time we’ve used the tent my mum gave us for our wedding. Hmm, what? We’re a bit slack, yes. We drove down to Busselton on Saturday morning, spent a few hours there and then headed just a little further south to stay overnight near Cowaramup. Next morning we checked out some caves then toured some of the wineries/breweries/chocolate factories. I tried some amazing olive tapenade but when I attempted to buy it I was informed that the only jar they had was the one for tasting (which was promptly packed up so as not to disappoint anyone else).


I hope all your goals are coming along swimmingly and the start of your year has been fun!

Some other goals.

Last night I was talking to someone and she asked me what my plans were for the new year. I realised I didn’t have any, beyond the aforementioned stressing less plan, and that perhaps it would be nice if I did think of some things I want to accomplish. So here are some things, off the top of my head, that I want to do this year:

  1. Learn to play the ukulele
  2. Read 52+ books
  3. Go running a lot
  4. Make an indoor soccer team
  5. Cook new meals. Say, one a weekish.
  6. Edit my NaNoWriMo book
  7. Complete another book
  8. Send in my last book to a bunch of publishers
  9. Write more letters/emails to friends
  10. Learn a heap of iceblock/cream recipes
  11. Go camping (see more of WA)
  12. Create and use a balcony garden

Yeah, cool. I might add some things, as time goes on, but I really want to get this down, so that I know, at the end of the year, that I’ve done things outside of work.