what’s up with the phd?

I don’t post about my work much for a whole lot of reasons (the main one being that I’d rather talk about the actual content but you really need an undergraduate degree in maths for that to be interesting reading) but today I thought I’d break that streak a little bit. I’m nearly half way through, so why not?

  • That’s the main scary thing: being nearly half way through. I feel like I haven’t learnt a lot, and haven’t done very much, but when I look back at who I was and what I knew at the start, I know my feelings lie to me.
  • Knowing that my feelings lie to me has probably been essential in not quitting. Moving interstate helped too. Something’s got to be pretty horrible for you to quit after dragging your husband halfway across the country.
  • I’m having a good week. That needs to be said when it happens because so often I forget that any good weeks happen.
  • I am still struggling to work out what the point of my phd is, where the research is going, but I have more of an idea now and I’m less worried about the fact that I don’t know the things I don’t know.
  • I’m looking forward to this year of research. After that I guess it will mostly be panic and writing but this year is looking interesting.

Yeah that’s all for now. I just like to remind the blog part of myself that she is doing this whole phd thing.

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