favourite book of the month

This seems like a good regular thing to post about. I suspect it will be tough though. My mind is already at war over which book I think I liked best. It’s close. Some of them were so different it doesn’t feel fair to pit them against one another. One of them made me cry for several chapters. Another was so crazy and unique I think I need to read it through three more times just to work out was going on. I loved it though, through all the craziness. Uh, okay. I’m done with the second guessing myself. My favourite book of the month was…


…Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman.

It did not make me cry. It did make me laugh and think and it caught me up completely, making me want to go read a whole bunch of Anansi stories with a fresh mind. I guess I just like the way Neil Gaiman writes and, other than Good Omens, I think this is my favourite thing by him so far. (Admittedly I haven’t read American Gods yet. That’s next on the list.)

It was good, you know. It’s the sort of book that will always be there on your bookshelf begging to be read again and each time you open it you’ll do so with a smile and a realisation that you’re willing to give up the next few hours of your life to belong in its world again.

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