project complete.

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Well here they all are. I’m really happy that I made them, happy that I started it and finished it, and happy with how they turned out.

And while I knew they were going to be used, and that some were used even before they were finished, the realisation that they are useful really only hit me when my Mum sent me this picture:



She’s printed and laminated them at playing card size!

how does my garden grow?

Creating a balcony garden was one of the items on my “Things To Do This Year” list. And it’s going really well. We’ve used the mint a lot, thanks to its place in a delicious iced tea recipe. The radish all turned out quite tiny but they tasted good, so that’s something. The basil is growing well and I’m hanging out for the day I can start picking it. Oh, and we’ve used the oregano a few times in pasta sauces. But mostly I just like to sit out there with the plants and relax. That’s their real benefit.


on the maths front

I’ve changed my PhD to a Masters. Not officially, yet, but that is now the plan. And there was a thing I realised just the other day.

I think I’m getting better at distinguishing between the things I am good at and the things I enjoy. Sometimes they overlap, but not always, and it’s kind of freeing to realise that just because I can do something, it doesn’t mean I have to. (EDIT: I still like maths. In case anyone was taking the wrong message away from that.)

So anyway, just thought I’d let you know. It seemed the sort of thing to blog about. Here, have a picture of me from Berlin.