project complete.

gettingthere withclouds three finalmaybe done six seven withsig nine maybefinal editing different

Well here they all are. I’m really happy that I made them, happy that I started it and finished it, and happy with how they turned out.

And while I knew they were going to be used, and that some were used even before they were finished, the realisation that they are useful really only hit me when my Mum sent me this picture:



She’s printed and laminated them at playing card size!

4 thoughts on “project complete.

    1. Thanks, 9 is my favourite too! My Mum (who they are for) prefers 7 and my husband likes 8. So I’m glad to have someone to agree with me 🙂

      1. Well, the specific aim I was given was “to make them look as different as possible” so thank you very much! I did 8 in inkscape,and it took forever but it was also quite relaxing, compared to the others (all done in GIMP). I just sat and listened to Neverwhere the whole time 🙂

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