bits and bobs

I read, somewhere, that you should keep blog posts to one topic. Focus on one thing for each post. But in trying to do that, I didn’t post anything at all. So let me just tell you about my life lately.

Firstly, I’m moving back to Adelaide. Well, almost certainly. I mean I don’t have a job there and neither does my husband. But at least now we’ve started looking. If I’m honest I’ll be really surprised if we end up going somewhere else. (If we do go somewhere else we’re only going to go as far as Melbourne so there’s that.)

It’s weird living like this. I hated it, when I knew I was going to be moving to Perth, but had to finish honours first. And I hate it now. I hate that my life feels like it’s in the future and that the now is just something to get through. I sometimes think that this feeling is the only thing that was difficult about year 12. We know that this stage of life is almost over, so we want to start dealing with the new problems now. 

In happier news, I had a birthday and went to the zoo and got some really cool presents that have encouraged me to keep working on my art. So I’ve mostly laid aside digital art for the time being and focused on learning to draw. I really love it. I can see my improvement and I’m also learning to draw more quickly. Plus, it’s just fun. Here are some of my favourites. (Is it weird to have favourites of your own work? I don’t care.)ImageImageImage

On the topic of Achieving This Year’s Goals:


 – Hot Key books announced their Young Writers Prize for this year so I’m about to get stuck into editing my NaNo novel for real this time.


 – My garden is growing nicely. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when we leave though. Have a picture of a delicious carrot.


(Reference photos for Taylor Swift and Doc Martin.)

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