bts: sunday market

I love reading other people’s behind the scenes stories, looking at process gifs, and hearing their thought processes and inspirations. But for some reason I thought that other people wouldn’t be interested in mine and it would just clutter up my blog. I have had reason to rethink that, so here is a behind the scenes tour of sunday market. (Under a cut, because I am still concerned about cluttering my blog).

It was inspired by two things: 

1. A market! (obvs.)


In particular, I knew I wanted to draw a dad with child looking at chickens, and lots of people relaxing.

2. A picture by Joy Laforme 

Basically, I wanted to make a detailed picture – something I haven’t got much experience with. In the end it didn’t really go heaps towards her style of work but that picture was definitely a source of inspiration. Especially for the leaves at the front.

My composition sketches are always ridiculously messy…


I chose that one because it felt like the view I got when I was walking down into the market for the first time (which was the view that made me want to do an illustration in the first place). Just that feeling of being the observer, overlooking the happy people being happy. I didn’t take a picture from that spot, but my mind did remember it fairly vividly.

Here’s a gif of the picture being built up:


I wasn’t planning on doing this so I didn’t save the ‘blobby sketch’ stage which is how I start digitally. Maybe next time I write one of these you will get to see the glorious disastrous mess that is mostly me trying to figure out colours.

For the technical details: it was all done in GIMP, most of the background with rough brushes, probably the ones that come with GIMP although I do have a few free brushes from dommifox so it’s possible they came into the mix. For the people I only used the hard round brush.

Approximately 12 hours later (that is really just a guess and should not be relied upon), it is done:


Click here to go to the actual post in which I have also included detail shots.

Okay that’s all for now, have a great day 🙂

EDIT: Haha, yes, the process shots are all flipped the other way. I flip my digital art relatively often to make sure it actually looks good compositionally and my brain hasn’t just gotten used to it. For instance, the first time I flipped this one I realised the tree was kinda crooked and adjusted it. Once I’d done all the people I flipped it and realised OOPS THEY ARE ALL FACING THE SAME WAY so I cut out some of them and rearranged things a bit. In the end, if I had sat down and thought about it, I probably would have flipped back to the way it is in the gif, just because that’s how I originally envisioned it, but I’m not fussed that I uploaded it how it is. I guess that’s one of the weird things about making digital art – to me its orientation is not “official”, it just happens to be the way things I’m presenting it in this forum. But I realise that as a viewer, who hasn’t been viewing it flipped back and forth during creation, things are different.

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