A week or two ago I reblogged (to my other blog) a couple of repainted Bratz Dolls from treechangedolls because they were, quite frankly, adorable. Sonia, the lady behind Tree Change Dolls is a science communicator from Tasmania so I instantly felt a kinship 🙂 

She also put out a youtube video explaining how to get the paint off the dolls (nail polish remover) and so today I finally got around to going to Savers and picked up my own second hand doll to try this out.

I don’t have any acrylics (which I assume is what Sonia used) so I used some gouache instead, which is not waterproof but that’s okay because this doll is not actually for any kids. And OH MY GOODNESS she must have an incredibly steady hand! I was shaking all over the place, these details are tiny! 

I want to try making some little clothes for her too – maybe a suit, or a hoodie and denim shorts – and I’ve got to get myself some tiny rubber bands so I can do her hair properly. Anyway, it was fun, and you guys should all try it out too 🙂

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