Science Poster Series Pt. 1

Okay so I thought I’d put up an approximately chronological collection of my Science Posters (created for a company I was working for primarily as a presenter in schools). Each of these is the background for an info board to go with a “Hands On” box for Science Fairs.

I did the first ones in Jan last year, so it’s been a little over a year. I’ve improved a lot. I’ve also got a desktop Mac rather than a falling-apart-laptop so my colour calibration is wayyy better :S (it’s hard not to go back to all my old pictures and fix the colours.) I’m also better at staying on task and I work much more quickly (though manmade objects still take forever, guess I need to work on that more).

Anyway, it’s all good news really. And I am glad that the company gave me my first paid illustration gig even though I look back at some of my pieces and cringe. (No I won’t tell you which ones, I’m notoriously bad at judging my own work anyway.)

But yeah, thought I’d pop these up here for… context… or something.

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