you should follow these artists

okay so these people are basically my favourite artists and inspirations and yes, i’m discovering new artists to love all the time but I have been following these people for ages and they feel very important to me.

pascalcampion – all the feelings of nostalgia and :O pretty light

mhdunaway – poetic travels. about life.

paperalligator – texture and fascinating details and shapes and i always just stare in awe

phoebewahl – peaceful, natural, idyllic. like a cup of tea on a rainy day

dommifox – she knows how to design characters. everything is interesting.

siminiblocker – all your fan art needs in beautiful painterly styles

kalidraws – idk just like perfect?

oamul – makes you feel like you’re living in a pretty dream

brionymaysmith – cute and eerie fantasy worlds that feel like fairytales and nursery rhymes and magic

laurahughes-illustrator – adorably happy brightly coloured adventures

katealizadeh – colourful and scribbly

an eternal self-belief. by Sylvia Morris

(response to Toyin Odutola’s Art Assignment)

I didn’t do this assignment way back when it was set because I couldn’t figure out a topic. There are so many things that I consider to be indispensable and I might do more gifs in the future. But I’ve been spending time lately thinking about time, about my past and future selves, about what makes me intrinsically me. 

I remembered a time in highschool when, rejected by a boy, I stared at my reflection in the mirror and realised that I thought no less of myself. I was sad, I was disappointed, but I still thought that I was pretty great.

Self-belief is a tricky thing. It has often been marketed to me as a flaw by people who think that any self-confidence is offensive to God, and by people who think self-confidence is equivalent to thinking you are always right. And I am aware that my self-confidence is, at least in part, a result of being privileged in just about every way.

But I am still grateful for it. I am glad that when my world falls apart, I can stare at my face in the mirror, and believe in that person, and start again.