(nb: this is a request for feedback, not money.)

Hi everyone,

Four weeks ago I decided to make myself a children’s illustration portfolio by Easter. And today (in Australia) is now the last workday before Easter.

It’s been a super productive four weeks for me and now I would like your help, by way of feedback, so I can spend all of Easter piecing together the final portfolio.

If you want to help you could do any of the following:

(a) go to my portfolio tag and let me know which pieces you think I should definitely include and which you are not so enthused by.

(b) let me know if there are pieces in my archive that I haven’t included in my portfolio that actually you think should be.

© let me know if there are any pieces in my portfolio tag that you like BUT there are one or two things that bother you about them (a wonky leg, a confusing patch, whatever.)

(d) EDIT, NEW OPTION: just like/reblog your faves.

I have my submissions box open so you can leave super long messages if that’s your style.

Thank you in advance for any feedback, virtual cookies will be sent by owl.

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