imaginary garden. by Sylvia Morris (she/her)

A response to Art Assignment: Boundaries by Zarouhie Abdalian.

My current apartment does not have a balcony and I really miss having a piece of outdoors. I miss having a garden to try growing plants. I miss being able to sit in privacy on a nice sunny day. I miss eating dinner outside.

On the plus side, we have these huge windows. They let in tons of light and (on sunny winter days) keep my room warm and dry our clothes. 

I guess I have a kind of complicated relationship with the windows because I do really like them, but I resent them because I can see the outdoors and it reminds me of how I don’t have a garden.

So I started fingerpainting a garden.

I can imagine that if I end up adding more and more plants I might eventually be able to sit with a cup of tea, sunlight filtering through, and believe I’m in a greenhouse. I’ll keep you posted.

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