old art: part 2

After I finished my numerals project, mum kindly provided me with another project – to illustrate a story she’d written for SPELD SA (a non-proft organisation working with and for people with specific learning difficulties). 

I started it two years ago… and am only finishing it this week.

(NB: It’s called Sylvia from Sydney and yes that is my name but no she is not based on me and also I’m not from Sydney, it’s just a book that uses the letter Y a lot.)

I sketched myself out a plan.


I did some character design. This involved putting the project on hold for several months while I attempted to learn to draw consistent characters – something I still struggle with.


I then spent many many hours creating my first page:


I hated it. 

I redid my first page, drawing inspiration from Kali Ciesemier and (because my hands are shaky and I hadn’t discovered the stabilizer function or vectors) started using rough brushes.


I liked this and followed it up with these (over several months):


And eventually this (which I personally see as a marked improvement):


That was in March last year. I didn’t touch the project for over a year. I had other things to do and, more importantly, I didn’t feel the quality of the earlier pieces was good enough to match up with the work I was doing at the time. And the idea of redoing them was horrific. I worked on other things.

Then, in June this year, I was looking for a project and remembered that I’d never finished this one. My art has improved and changed style to a degree that I knew I would want to start over. So I did, and I gave myself from mid-June til the end of July to completely finish the project.

I kept a lot of my design of Sylvia. She still has a cat. But just about everything else is different.

And all this is just to say that I have nearly finished and you will get to see the completed product within a week or so.

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