A quick follow up to Australian!Shitty because I couldn’t get it out of my head. And yeah I changed their nicknames… these ones seemed more likely in Australia.

Jack: based on Alastair Cook (reference pic) is an opening batsman and (obviously) captain. He’s responsible, in for the long haul, and no one can ever get him out.

Bitty: based on Steve Smith (reference pic). Quick runner, much better at batting than anyone can really believe and absolutely terrified of being hit by the ball. (For non-Australian reference: the way you would say Bitsy is like “Bitssaaaaaaaaay”.) 

Ransom and Holster: (Mitchell Johnson as ref: 1, 2) Fast bowlers. They bowl from opposite ends and every single batsman dreads one or both of them.

Shitty: Spin bowler, middle order batsman, never seems like he’s trying but has a knack for saving the day. Always underrated by the media who seem to forget what an excellent fielder he is.

Chowder: Wicketkeeper. Nominated for KFC’s Classic Catches so often that everyone else complains he needs to give someone else a shot.

Dex and Nursey: send me your thoughts…  I kinda see them as 3rd and 4th batsmen who often end up batting together. Nurse just wants to go for the big shots and Dex wants to run a million singles.

I know I haven’t drawn the frogs, but that’s because I fully intend to draw them as AFL players.

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