Can (or, rather, WILL you) draw a little girl climbing a tree (preferably pine)? With short curly hair, light brown skin, blue eyes… Thanks! Or not!

hey nonny, thanks for the request! I had to make up a lot of the details, so I hope this matches up fairly nicely with what you wanted… and if you want me to change her hair colour to make it darker or red or something then I can do that in just a few seconds so go ahead and ask. 

dear weepycreep and asfierceaslions: i apologise for everything this is and also for everything that it is not and also that it took me so long. i love you two and your silly faces and i am eternally glad i met you both. ❤

replied to your post “taking (specific) requests: I am currently building up my ‘educational…”

oOo do me as a kid… I used to like to dress up in a big floppy hat and jump in puddles idk if this is right for the ‘doing things’ part of the request…



when I read this it was cropped short (idk maybe it was on my phone or in the drop down menu or something) and so I only got as far as “I used to like to dress up”.  I thought it was kind of weird that you hadn’t said who/what you liked to dress up as but I somehow didn’t realise there might have been more to the reply? So I decided to dress you up as a superhero and I only got around to reading the full message when I was responding to Shreeya’s request and your pic was basically finished by that stage so…. here is baby!you as a superhero instead. (Though I do like the floppy hat + jumping in puddles combo so I may also draw you again…)

Aaaanyway, here is the picture that you did not in any way request:

ramannoodles20 I decided to both – partly because I wasn’t completely pleased with the ink version, partly because I’ve been meaning to do some side-by-side comparisons for self-reflection/analysis.

I hope you like it 🙂 (I can send you separate/higher-res versions if you want them)

(Edit: I originally posted these flipped the other way around because I wasn’t paying attention. Shreeya, idk if you’re right or left handed or even if that effects violin style, but these are back to the “standard” position. If you want them the other way let me know :P)

Sylvia Morris


I’ve decided to finally set up an ~official~ portfolio that’s completely separate to my tumblr. That means that in the next week or so this tumblr (sylvia-morris) will stop being It probably won’t change anything to most of you, but the few of you who check my tumblr by going to the web address will want to start going to

In the meantime if you wanna go click around the portfolio then please do. And let me know if anything is wrong or counter intuitive or bad in any way.

Also, feel free to suggest your favourite picture for use as a header. I plan to actually design a header at some point but I have other things to do so it might take me a little while.

EDIT: also, i am permanently paranoid that I will put a piece of art in my portfolio that doesn’t belong there. SO if you see a piece that you think looks worse than the others, please let me know. I promise I will be incredibly grateful and not mad at all. Conversely, if you think I’ve been too harsh on myself and there’s a piece that I /haven’t/ put in my portfolio but you think should be there, feel free to tell me that too.

Sylvia Morris