Sylvia Morris


I’ve decided to finally set up an ~official~ portfolio that’s completely separate to my tumblr. That means that in the next week or so this tumblr (sylvia-morris) will stop being It probably won’t change anything to most of you, but the few of you who check my tumblr by going to the web address will want to start going to

In the meantime if you wanna go click around the portfolio then please do. And let me know if anything is wrong or counter intuitive or bad in any way.

Also, feel free to suggest your favourite picture for use as a header. I plan to actually design a header at some point but I have other things to do so it might take me a little while.

EDIT: also, i am permanently paranoid that I will put a piece of art in my portfolio that doesn’t belong there. SO if you see a piece that you think looks worse than the others, please let me know. I promise I will be incredibly grateful and not mad at all. Conversely, if you think I’ve been too harsh on myself and there’s a piece that I /haven’t/ put in my portfolio but you think should be there, feel free to tell me that too.

Sylvia Morris

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