A woman’s wedding necklace is stolen, the police come to find whoever took it, nobody saw anything except for a child that was on the train… later the necklace is found& the thief is arrested. There are some other details that I’m not sure about…

Cut for spoilers for anyone who wants to guess the plot of this post for themselves…

The woman (Mrs Landers) is dead, discovered by another train passenger. The mark on her neck indicates to the police that it may not have been natural causes.

The police find a blackmail note in her bag (demanding that she hand over an expensive necklace) and a photograph depicting the necklace. It’s not meant to be a wedding, just a fancy ball, but yeah it does kinda look like one 🙂

Yep, the only person to notice anything on the tram is a little kid, who noticed another lady with Mrs Landers.

Not pictured: the body is taken away for testing and we find out she died from being poisoned.

The police go to Mrs Landers’ house and have tea with her housekeeper, who says that she’s been home all day. She shows them the necklace in question (in Mrs Landers’ room). The police note that she has a coat like the one described by the kid on the tram.

The police go to the pub where the blackmailer had requested Mrs Landers meet him. He’s the dude from the photograph. He’s like ‘yeah, i’m bad but not that bad.’

Not pictured: The barman confirms that the dude has been there all day and therefore couldn’t have killed her.

The police then return to Mrs Landers’ house, find a syringe in the bin outside, and catch the housekeeper leaving the house with the expensive necklace in her bag.

ta da!

Who Killed Mrs Landers?

illustrated by Sylvia Morris for SPELD SA 

(copyright: attribution, non-commercial)

I’m not including the text for this one but I will give you a link as soon as the book goes live on the SPELD website. In the meantime, feel free to send me an ask guessing what the plot is (or just asking) and I’ll fill you in. I’m keen to know how much of the text can be deciphered purely from the pictures.

to research:

  – institutionalised fatphobia and shadeism/colorism within illustration (in particular of the kind literally taught by art teachers and industry pros who say they are just making things “read more clearly”)

 – artists (of all time periods) who DESTROY the above

do any of you have any ideas of places i should look or have fave artists to recommend?

Art that was not drawn by me, but was coloured by me:

John Allison ( scarygoround ), creator of the super cool Scary Go Round comics put up some of his pencilled pages so that other artists could try out colouring them in. It was super fun and actually made me feel really happy about my own colouring process because I think this turned out nicely 🙂

I’ll probably do more panels but alas, I must go shopping and things.