Hey all,

I’ve seen a post going around saying that if you like an artist’s work you need to reblog it with comments in the tags because artists need that validation and discussion and feedback.

This is not even vaguely true. Nothing is required of you whatsoever. Literally nothing. You owe me nothing.

If you give my work a heart, cool. If you want other people to see it and so you reblog it, cool. If you reblog it with comments in the main post or tags, cool. If you send me an ask, cool.

Not gonna lie, I love it when you squee in the tags, I love it when you reblog my work so your followers can see it too. But only if you’re doing that because you want to.

If you smile and keep scrolling and don’t interact with me at all, cool.

This is not a contract. This is simply a place where I put my work.

In the same way, I owe you nothing. If you leave a request in my ask box, I am under no obligation to do it. I’m not required to post a certain number of times a week. (And don’t worry, these are rarely things people seem to expect of me. I’m not fighting off hordes of requests.)

I love you guys, but re: my art, we owe each other nothing.

Idk, just want to ease some minds if you’ve seen the other post going around.