It’s been kind of a whirlwind 48 hours for Hannah. It’s obviously super good and amazing news that she’s got her heart transplant (and the surgery went really well), but it’s also pretty tough to be in hospital for months and she was really looking forward to the concert. Please copy this photo and share it, using the hashtag #getedtothealfred on Facebook, Insta, Twitter – whatever. We’re hoping for this to reach Ed Sheeran 🙂

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What’s your favourite web series and why?

Of all time, my fave is probably still A Tell Tale Vlog. Why? Well, I do tend to lean more toward comedy than drama. And this is so well written and funny and delightful. 

I am also an enormous fan of All’s Fair Play. It’s only just finished so I haven’t had enough time to decide whether it will overtake ATTV as my fave but it’s really good. Why? It’s also funny and it has a kind of chaotic, many-person, many-perspective type of situation that I really enjoy. And the characters fascinate me.