Posting some old art to say:

 – go watch Attack the Block

If you need another reason than me just telling you to watch it:

 – it stars John Boyega 

– it’s why I fell in love with John Boyega

– it deals with themes of poverty and racism 

– it’s a sci/fi action comedy about aliens attacking a housing block in London

If you have any questions re: gore or scariness level or really anything, feel free to ask me and I’ll talk to you about it in a non-spoilery way.

obligatory question mark?

“and it feels like i’m a million miles away” – by Sylvia Morris (she/her)

A response to Art Assignment: Constructed Landscape by Paula McCartney.

Title courtesy of San Angelo by Third Day.

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No Rey.

I went to Myer (Melbourne) on Friday and could not find a single Rey toy to buy.

She’s not included with the Millennium Falcon.

 Instead we get Chewie. I love Chewie, but it’s not his movie. 

She’s not included with the big model/figure set. I didn’t take a picture but it includes a random Stormtrooper and not Rey.

She’s the main character. And the pilot. And she’s awesome. And I would buy toys of her but I can’t. Because Hasbro still hates girls.