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As much as any society of people, Australians represent
themselves as equals. Yet few Australians are able to fit the widely
circulated myths about what is normal, valuable, and desirable in their
society. This book enables teachers and their students to challenge the
multiplicity of texts that combine to tell Australians who they are and who
they should be, and to construct new, truly inclusive, texts in their place.

Posting this (again) because it’s one of the most important things I’ve ever read re: content creation. It’s focussed on education, and on children, and on writing, but I honestly recommend it to everyone.

You can read it all online. It’s a book (definitely not an essay or article) but a fairly short book.

Write Me In

Harry and Ky have an Adventure!

Help wanted! I don’t have time to let these kids sit and stew for a few weeks like I normally like to before deciding whether something is ~portfolio-worthy~ or if I need to make any edits because characters look off, or proportions are weird or I forgot to colour that bit there, or … etc.

If you could point out /anything/ that looks off about any of these I’d really appreciate it. Also, to a lesser extent, telling me which are your fave/least fave of the trio.

Thank youuuuuuuuu

EDIT: thank you to everyone who has responded you are all superstar heroes and I’m really grateful. I’ve edited one of the pictures (and shuffled the order) thanks to the feedback 🙂



well, with the cat explains their reaction? but leaves less room for text? dunno. is the cat going to eat them? it’s a little scary that way. don’t know if that’s good or bad (or neither) though.


I like the image with the cat in most (catlady bias showing) But I think the contrast of light and dark is too strong? For my eyes the cat needs to be lighter, or the background needs to be darker, so its not too unbalanced? pardon me!


I like the one with the cat! It balances out well.

Okay cool, thanks so much you guys 🙂 I like the idea of it being scary/dramatic, and, yeah, the composition + story work better with the cat. So I’ll have a play with lessening the contrast and see if I can get it to gel a little better 🙂

Umm-ing and ahh-ing over what to do with the cat. Potentially just leave it out?

Feedback very much welcome even if it’s just “i like that one and i don’t know why” or “i think they’re fairly equal but X looks more like Y emotion” or “don’t put either of these in your portfolio, they’re worse than everything else you’ve ever made”.