1, 25

1. I like to draw my piece out traditionally (I’m trying to work on digital sketching but… it’s tough) but I like to actually create the final piece digitally. I get anxious when working traditionally (no undo) and so a lot of the time my traditional work turns out stiff because I know I can’t take anything back. And I like the flexibility of changing colour whenever you want etc. Having said that, my work can also end up stiff when I work digitally because I overwork it trying to make it “perfect”. idk, I like them both but I definitely prefer digital.

25. I switch and change throughout the day. My favourite is to listen to people talking though so I often put on a tv show I know well in the background (atm it’s Miss Fisher). I’ve listened to Cabin Pressure so many times I probably know it off by heart. And I bought HP1 as an audiobook and that’s working well (on my second listen through atm). But it has to be something I know so I can tune in and out easily.

I tend to find music too distracting if I have to make decisions, but if I know exactly what I’m going to do then I can put music on.

Thank you :)))

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