have you answered 5 and 6? because if not, you should!

Ahhh I haven’t.

Okay so fave things to draw: People mostly, sneaking around and having adventures? I don’t know. Like, I like to draw dresses too but only for doodling, not for actually colouring them and stuff. But yeah it’s pretty much just characters and then I like to imagine who they are and what their lives are like and what they’re doing.

Least favourite: Anything mechanical… or, like, built by humans? idk, I’m trying to draw this car in a picture at the moment and… URGHHHHHHH it just feels like there’s no forgiveness there. Also I never practise. Maybe that’s it.

I will also say I hate doing anything that requires lots of detail. I tend to prefer to leave my pictures a little empty rather than adding all the props that might make them feel a little more real/lifelike. I’m the same with writing. Like, I’m never struggling by being over the wordcount. I’d rather have a few concise sentences than waffle. I realise I’m waffling now but that’s because I’m not writing a story or an essay, I’m just explaining.

Aaaaand now you all know all my secrets 😛

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