Illustration by Pauline Baynes (from The Magician’s Nephew)

Colour by me.

I’ve been realising that I’ve gotten a little scared of colour. Or, I’ve been focussed on drawing/linework, and art is a little like running – you build up your muscles and then your lungs hurt, then you build up your cardio and your legs hurt – as long as you’re improving, there’s always an aspect that is feeling like it’s left behind. And with art there’s more than just muscle vs cardio, there’s line vs shape vs colour, and characters vs environments, and details vs composition.

And in order to practise colouring an environment, you need to start with a drawing. But by the time I’ve finished drawing something, I get all anxious about the colour and I want to do it properly, rather than just for practise. To solve this, I’ve decided to use other people’s drawings so I can jump right into the colouring process and /know/ that it’s not for anything so there’s no pressure and I’m free to learn.

Plus, as an extra bonus, I’m learning from cool artists about their linework.

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