close your eyes, step through.

In response to Maria Gaspar’s Art Assignment – Body in Place

There’s a little corner of trees (casuarinas, I think) that I walk through most days. They’re tucked between the zoo wall, a tram track and the hockey/netball centre. They don’t make a very big forest. Sometimes when I step in, if the wind is blowing gently, I close my eyes and pretend I’m in the country. I’m really glad this mini forest exists, and it often makes me happy, but sometimes that happiness is temporary and I’m left with sadness instead. 

So I overlaid two photos together, to give some sense of that tension.

Homework for my Schoolism class.

I’m working on environments at the moment which is probably good because tbh they’re something I’ve always kind of skimped on, I think. I mean, once you have a character and enough background to tell your story… you can get by. And for some stories you don’t want too much background. But sometimes you do. And I really wanna get better at that.