Seeing Color Exchange



Seeing Color is a multifandom exchange created to celebrate chromatic characters, allowing both fic and art. Nominations are ongoing.

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Nominations: May 9th – 20th
Signups: May 24th – June 3rd
Assignments out by no later than: June 9th
Works due: August 9th
Works revealed: August 17th
Creators revealed: August 24th

Sign-ups now open!

Hi guys! I’m signed up to take part in this fanfic/art exchange. If you wanna be a part of it too, then you should sign up now! The more the merrier! Lots of your fave fandoms are here (JtV, CP!, HP, SW:TFA + others that don’t abbreviate so nicely) and you might end up with me making fan art for you 🙂

sometimes you just gotta try a bunch of things. even if you end up landing somewhere familiar, it’s probably still useful.

I uh… may have edited @personalspaceshow‘s Second Shift Mission Badge (seen in action here) and also (finally) supported the Personal Space Kickstarter.

Do you love diverse webseries, sci fi and Sean Persaud? And have money you are not in need of? Go check it out now. They’re in their final days! Don’t put it off like I did!

NB: This badge was designed by Susie Thai (@susiethai). I did not design this badge. It is an edit. Please don’t think I designed it.