I’m going to be illustrating HP3, starting July 31 and updating every Sunday + Thursday (one week per chapter) until I’m done.

Come follow along if that’s your jam 🙂

Yeah, I know it’s more than a month away but this gives me time to get a headstart and make some process posts. Plus, I couldn’t resist Harry’s birthday as a start date…

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Hi friends, I have an exciting new project 🙂

I’ve already gotten started on the pictures and they’re going really well. I wasn’t gonna announce until later but I got impatient. ANYWAY you can go follow that tumblr if you want, but also I’m probably gonna be reblogging them to here too. There won’t be much until the end of July either way, but yay get excited with me!

I’ve been really enjoying The Croquis Cafe (nsfw) lately. These poses are from the videos where one model does a series of poses, but they also have videos where a model holds a pose and you get a 360 degree view of that pose, which I’ve found super helpful for understanding anatomy better.

It’s fun to take the poses and add costumes/change faces/make stories. (This lady is at a fancy awards show and she has a kickass time.)

I thought I’d add the second pic because I know some of you are interested in process and also I just thought it looked kind of cool but I didn’t want to finish colouring it.



First issue is here! I think it’s really beautiful. There might be some edits, but I’ve kinda been sitting on this for a little while because of Real Life stuff, so I’m happy to finally release this. This issue is about being grounded and humble and sticking close to nature, and there are some really cool how to guides and playlists in there. Thank you.

Hi everyone! This is a lovely zine, well worth clicking through to explore the whole thing on issuu, and I am really happy to have contributed to something so delightful.

Two years ago I had these pictures on display in a youth exhibition. The exhibition is biennial and starts again in a few days (Youthscape, check it out).

I’ve been feeling pretty good about my art over the last weeks, but the anxiety that I’m not improving is a regular one nonetheless. 

Keeping in mind that I was super proud of these pieces and they were definitely the best that I could do at the time, here are some ways I’ve improved in the last 2 years:

 – I can draw hands now. Not perfectly and I still find them difficult and slow but I can definitely draw them and I do. I’m also a lot better at drawing figures in general, in a huge variety of poses and movements.

 – Control. I spent aaaages drawing these lines and shapes and was eternally frustrated by how they never looked that good anyway.

 – Colour. Some of the colour weirdness here can be attributed to the laptop screen I was working on but not all of it.

 – Consistency. You can’t see it here but let me guarantee that I could not have drawn these characters in another pose so they still looked good.

 – I can work a lot quicker now. I don’t know how many hours I spent on that bottom picture but yeah wow it was so many. So many.

Other thoughts:

I like lineless art. I always have. I like to use lines to denote texture rather than outlines. I like when my art has details even though I often neglect to add them. My faces still look remarkably similar even though I’m much better at drawing them now.

I still really like that top picture (other than a few minor issues). I took it straight out of my sketchbook and coloured over the top without putting too much pressure on it. That’s a common thing for my favourite pieces. Regular reminder that drawing in your sketchbook is useful and so is creating work for no purpose.