Advice that was useful for me

Since the election, holidays, finished project, and with the sense of impending doom and general panic that has set in, (in my mind and therefore also muscles) I was finding it really hard to work.

It’s never easy, to just sit at home and work, but I’d gotten so much better at it. And then it disappeared.

But I have found a useful tip (from a guy called Jack Cheng, article here: ) and it is to have different spaces for different activities.

In the lead up to the election, during the holidays, and during the transition, I had obviously been checking Twitter somewhat non stop and it became a huge problem. So what I have done is this:

– my computer is not to be used for social media (other than uploading) or to read the news or read essays or read fanfic or really for anything other than work
– I can still check social media and read the news as often as I want, without beating myself up, I just have to go into another room, pick up my phone and do it from there

It’s working really well for me because I don’t feel anxiously disconnected, and also I’m getting lots more done. The first day was super hard, I kept clicking on extra tabs, opening the internet as a reflex, but honestly my computer has now quite quickly become a much more peaceful place for me.

Anyway, I recommend the essay, and if you’re having concentration problems too, trying it out 🙂

Daily sketchbook – Week 3

Well… this went badly. Honestly I was so tempted to just not post it, but instead decided that I would make today’s page so fun I’d want to post it.

It wasn’t a good week, for me or the world, but the reality of a daily sketchbook is you gotta learn to use it even on days that are busy and/or stressful, so I guess I’ll work on that. On the plus side, I feel I made good use of the sketchbook on the days I did use it, so that’s nice.