Okay so here is your guide to my art for the auction: 

Choose between the style of (a) the top three pictures or (b) the final 3 pictures. I can do close up portraits or fully rendered scenes, depending on what you want. These pictures are here to show you what you will get in terms of background, detail, style etc.

In the middle I’ve included some fan art that is older (and less representative of my current style + background-drawing-ability), just to assure you that I can draw likenesses too. The picture of the couple in the cafe are also real people but will probably only provide reassurance to like 3 people on here.

Fandoms include (but are not limited to):


  • Star Wars
  • A United Kingdom
  • Moana (but also really most Disney)
  • Attack the Block
  • Austen adaptations
  • Ghostbusters
  • LoTR


  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
  • Merlin
  • The Get Down
  • Stranger Things
  • The Expanse
  • The West Wing
  • Doc Martin
  • Death in Paradise
  • No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
  • Corner Gas
  • North and South
  • etc. I watch a lot of tv.


  • Check Please!
  • LBD
  • Carmilla
  • Shipwrecked and/or Yulin Kuang (anything)
  • Project Green Gables
  • Kalamatea (AoJE or AFP)
  • NMTD


  • Harry Potter
  • Carry On (or other Rainbow Rowell)
  • Austen


  • Portal
  • The Witness
  • Myst
  • Obduction

If you want an unlisted fandom: just ask.

Bidding is now open! If you want to put in a bid for me: check the bidding status here, and fill in a bidding form here.

Reminder: all your money goes direct to the charity you choose (from the list collated by FTH organisers).

NB: my offer is PG only, and if you’re really fussy about exactly what you want, and it’s outside the range of things you’ve seen me draw by a long way, just send me a message first to check that I will be confident to draw it.

Bidding closes 11:59 EST (US) Jan 19.

EDIT: Bidding is over, with @jotoledo09 the top bid!

Sylvia Morris – FTH Contributor Page


See Sylvia Morris’s works here, or check out @sylvia_a_morris on Twitter!

To contact the seller before bidding, please send an ask to sylvia-morris, or a tweet to @sylvia_a_morris.

If you have a very specific prompt and are not flexible, it’s best to contact the seller before bidding, even if it fits within their listed parameters. If you are asking for a specific kink, always ask first.

Charities these auctions benefit: bidder’s choice. See the full list here.

Sylvia Morris’s offerings:

Sylvia Morris Auction #1

Type of fanwork: fanart
Subtype(s): Full page rendered illustration, can be either colour or b&w depending on what the bidder wants.
Fandom(s): Harry Potter, Star Wars (movies), The Get Down, The Expanse, Stranger Things, LoTR, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, LBD/Carmella/Shipwrecked/misc other web series just ask, Jane Austen, Carry On, Portal, The Witness
Especially interested in: I generally stick to canon but not always? Like I love all of Sara’s Girls’s Drarry fics and would be happy to draw from them. My fave thing to draw is buddies hanging out doing everyday things.
Will not: No nsfw or violence/gore. Basically keep it PG and we’ll be fine.
Notes: I’ve listed a messy range of fandoms, just everything I thought of off the top of my head but if you’ve seen me be enthusiastic about a show/movie/book online, then just ask, I’m almost certainly happy to do it.

Auctions run from 12 January 2017 (Midnight, EST) to 19 January 2017 (Midnight, EST). Bids before or after this period are invalid and will not be counted. If you would like to bid on this auction:

Step 1: Check the bidding spreadsheet to find out what the current high bid is. (Note: It may take up to five minutes for a bid to appear.)

Step 2: Fill out the seller’s bidding form with a bid that is higher than the current high bid. If you want to make it harder for someone to outbid you, bid higher! You will NOT be notified if someone outbids you, so please bookmark this page and check frequently. You will only be notified if you are the high bidder after the auctions end.

Thanks for participating in Fandom Trumps Hate!

Yay! I’m doing Fandom Trumps Hate, so you can commission me (via auction) to make a piece of fan art and proceeds will go to whichever charity you choose out of pretty great list (including Planned Parenthood and ACLU).

I have listed a bunch of fandoms but like I forgot to add Check Please! and Merlin, so obviously it’s an incomplete list. Other fandoms include: Death in Paradise, No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (tv series), A United Kingdom, Moana. Like, really, just ask.

Auctions run from 12 January 2017 (Midnight, EST) to 19 January 2017 (Midnight, EST). (US EST, I assume.)

The most recent stuff in my portfolio is probably the best guide to my current style/skill, because other than HP, I haven’t done a lot of fan art lately, so my fan art tag is probably not the best place to look? The top of my blog should have a better guide to my art pinned to it.

And, speaking of HP, if you want to commission me for a piece in that style but for a different fandom, or a different scene/year of HP – go for it!

Excerpts from The Meltdown of the Phantom Snowflakes by Laurie Penny

I highly recommend you read the rest of the article, because it’s super worth it, and follow Laurie Penny on twitter (@pennyred). She’s written lots of things I really really really appreciate. Can give you recs if you want. Captioned below.

excerpts from The Meltdown of the Phantom Snowflake, by Laurie Penny:


“Are you a strong woman?”

[illustration of 3 male journalists staring out of the screen]

[illustration of a woman looking down to the side, uncertain. there are snowflakes around her.]

I’m small, sensitive, prone to anxious overthinking

[illustration of same woman looking out of the screen, a snowflake on her jacket]

moved to anger, I’m far more likely to cry than throw a punch


to demand “strength” from an oppressed person is to excuse their oppression

to label them weak for voicing anything that looks like dissent

[illustration of the faces of 3 different women, each looking our of the screen and each sad.]

if they cry out for justice they are crybabies


[black background, snowflakes falling to white hills, with the following words]

millions of snowflakes together can make an avalanche

a hurricane

a killing frost

[end black background]

make me brave

i don’t care about strong.


illustrated by Sylvia Morris

Doing part one of my homework for the first week of my Schoolism class. I’m taking Painting with Light and Colour (by Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo) as a self taught class and now I’m gonna go listen to their feedback for other students which will almost certainly be applicable to mine.

Expect more ~study~ posts this year, I think. Sometimes I’m hesitant to put them up because I worry that people will get bored, but I enjoy it when other art students do and this tumblr is not my portfolio, so I should probably get over that hesitation.