A long time ago I made a post of illustrators that I was particularly inspired by at the time. I stand by that list and I honestly still hold them up as pretty great inspirations. But I wanna also make a new list of illustrators that I’m feeling particularly inspired by right now:

@rovinacaiart : delicate, detailed, mysterious, fascinating. makes you want to drift into a portal.

Shaun Tan: strange, entrancing, surreal. and beautiful. makes you feel like you have drifted into a portal. 

(These are similar descriptions I know but I feel like Rovina Cai’s work feels more like nostalgia and aching, whereas Shaun Tan’s work feels more like you tilted your head sideways and missed a step. Look, I don’t know. Go find your own descriptions for them, they’re both so worth it.)

@mrockefeller : fun, lively, welcoming. feels like your fave middle grade adventure fantasy book.

@ntamarit : goodness gracious goodness. i just want to stare at them forever. the textures, the compositions, the characters, the colours. the stories.

@nankliang : gorgeous gifs. different moods and emotions but always lovely.

@fanny-hs : made me want to try drawing landscapes again because hers are so beautiful.

So here you go. These are the people I feel like I’m currently most inspired by, or have been over the last few months.

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