It’s Portfolio Time Again!

Okay so I’m putting together my portfolio again, making lists of things I think are missing from it, and trying to put forth a cohesive and comprehensive view of myself as an illustrator (particularly, at this point, for children’s/YA, including both fiction and non-fiction).

If you want to be super helpful, you can let me know your favourites of my illustrations, both generally (from @sylviamorrisillustration) and specifically from the @sylviamorris-illustrates-hp3 project. I need to show I can draw the same character multiple times, so if you really like a single piece I might just pull that character out and do a character sheet for them. 

Alternatively, I’m really feeling in a history/non-fiction kind of mood, so if you’ve got a fave historical figure, suggest them and I might do a few illustrations for them. 

If you’re on the negative side of things, feel free to point out pieces that you think look a little wonky, or just off, or hard to interpret, so I know to avoid putting them in my folio 🙂

Anyone who does this: seriously thanks.

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