art progress: 

june 2014 -> dec 2016


march 2015 -> feb 2017

I don’t usually make direct copies of previous work, but I’m still pretty similar to my past self, so now and then I end up making a thematically similar piece. I always like it when other artists share their progress so here, have these. I’m glad I’ve stuck at it for all this time. Here’s to more improvement.

(Also now I’m going through my old files and thinking ‘oh that was a nice idea, but I could make a much better version now’ so maybe I’ll do some actual comparison pieces, who knows.)

EDIT: I was looking for an old art piece that I made and found my blog from 2012/13 and read through the whole thing. Found this in the bio, which felt remarkably appropriate:

My mother tells me that when I was just a toddler I stood under a power line and stretched my arms up as far as I could under the complete belief that I would be able to reach it. Since then I’ve grown up a bit but never stopped trying to do impossible things. To this end, I am studying pure mathematics while writing stories, and creating art, in my spare time.

I currently live in Perth, Australia with my husband and a depressing lack of pets.

Firstly: yay I have a cat now, and she is lovely and beautiful and I love her.

Secondly: I had… forgotten… that I spent like a year and a half (at least) completely convinced that I was going to be a writer?? How did I forget this??

Thirdly: Yep, believing I can do impossible things is still a thing.

Fourthly: Shout out to the people I love who keep believing in me even though I keep changing my mind about what I want to do with my life. 

Fifthly:  I think I needed an outlet while I was studying maths, living far away, and suffering from anxiety. I tried photography and writing, and they were better than not. But it was illustration that really stuck, taking me completely by surprise, and I love it.

Sixthly: There’s a part of me that looks at this pattern and is scared that one day I will find no joy in creating art. But there’s a much larger part of me that’s like lol no, you still like writing, you just like illustration a lot more. If you find something else you like that much more again, consider that a positive.

Seventhly: I made this gif for Toyin Odutola’s Art Assignment, and though the artistic skill is eh, and my hair has changed, it remains a pretty true self portrait in concept at least:

Okay that’s all I’m done now.

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