tubducken replied to your post “good morning friends. it is 4:30 am and I am awake for a seminar. by…”

what’s the seminar on?

The difference between illustrating picture books and illustrating novels (for kids/YA) or graphic novels. Purpose of illustrations, techniques, etc. 

I was super keen because, for starters, most of the book industry resources are catered to writers over illustrators, and if they are catered to illustrators they tend to assume that you’re a picture book illustrator. And while I’m still keen on picture books, I’m feeling much more excited about illustrating books for older readers at the moment (a la HP project). But when I work I also feel like I’m cobbling together tips as I go along, and have several times wished for information from people who actually know what publishers want from illustrators in that setting so yay.

It was pretty cool and I’ll do a little write up post on my portfolio page when I’ve had a little more time to reflect on it 🙂

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