This was… meant to be a much bigger entire complex book cover, with character included. And I’ll probably re-use the idea, and the rest of the sketch. But given that I’m trying to improve I also know that it’s important for me to just move on. Quality over quantity and whatnot, even though the skill I’m learning requires patience and concentration.

So here, I drew this with real live pencils 🙂

I’ve been working more and more digitally lately. My sketchbook has really only been used for roughing out vague ideas before moving across to my computer. And I realised that it had gotten to a point where I was struggling to draw in my sketchbook. Without the ability to constantly rearrange and redraw, I didn’t know how to draw a finished piece, or even a neat underdrawing, and it was frustrating because I wanted to be able to take my sketchbook places and just… draw. Even if those places were just the couch.

So I’m gonna be working on traditional art for a while, at least for my line art, and taking baby steps as I work back up to fully rendered scenes with people and perspective. But first: plants and robots!

It’s good timing, what with it being nearly Inktober (though I have no plans to use ink) and I expect I’ll still do some digital pieces in the meantime (I have a few unfinished pieces sitting in my files at the very least). And hopefully when I get through this I’ll have more confidence and freedom in my work. Ideally some more speed too…

EDIT: this is not at all to slight artists who work mostly or entirely digitally. That’s cool, you do you! This is just a thing for me.