Some mid-inktober youtube recs:

  • Alphonso Dunn has so many incredibly useful pen and ink tutorial videos. How to create texture and contrast and lighting etc using hatching and shading? He has you covered. Plus, he’s really calming and encouraging and makes you feel like you can manage no matter how complicated it is.
  • Minnie Small is uploading a short video each day of #inktober (along the theme Houses (and what haunts them)) and they are beautiful highlights of my day. Some of them are narrated, some have backing music, all are lovely. Her travel sketchbooks, and travel videos in general, are also really lovely and I always leave her channel feeling refreshed and more positive about life.
  • Chris Mould (not a channel, but a search) does amazing work in ballpoint pen and the videos where Shoo Rayner interviewed him showed an amazing sketchbook and a lighthearted but dedicated approach to creating art. Also his advice to ‘stick with it, don’t be careful, keep going, keep going’ and ‘there’s no such thing as a bad drawing, just a drawing that’s not finished yet’ has got me through several inktober pictures so far and is the sort of motto that I personally really need.

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