Blaugust 2018

I’m back after a five year hiatus during which I’ve existed temporarily in a lot of places, but mostly on tumblr. I’ll be posting Blaugust to both here and tumblr, for everyone’s convenience, and attempting to update every day of the month.


Over the last few months some of the work I’ve been making has looked… nice?… but hasn’t really felt like me. Other times I’ve made pieces that have felt more like me but have been rendered just to ‘get the piece done’, rather than making it how I really wanted to.

Inspired by Anuschka Rees’ fantastic fashion blog and Rovina Cai’s recent instagram series, I’ve been enjoying analysing my illustration interests, other people’s pictures, my own old pictures etc etc. And trying to experiment to move my work in useful directions.

It’s been kind of haphazard though, so I’m going to try to use Blaugust to organise my thoughts, and keep a record of my process. Figuring out your artistic ‘voice’ is an ongoing thing. It’s not like everything will all be sorted at the end of the month, never to worry again. But I’m hoping to have a bit of direction to re-orient me for the next stage of development.

I’m not sure if this is going to be anyone else’s cup of tea. I’m mostly writing these for myself. But I think I’d enjoy someone else’s version of this, so maybe there’ll be some of you who’ll enjoy mine too 🙂


the benefits of wintertime.

It feels like it’s time again, to make a list of inspiring illustrators/artists. A 2017 list is here, and a 2015 one here. Most of those still apply and many of the following I already liked. But anyway, here’s who has been particularly inspiring me lately:

Victoria Semykina : vivid and striking collage-y fun. Her work challenges me to stretch myself further and care about things and figure out what things I care about.

James Gurney : masterful imaginative realism, you know him from Dinotopia. It’s not like I’ve ever not been inspired by him. But it’s been more of a focussed inspiration lately! And his blog and YouTube are filled with useful information.

Pam Smy : bold thoughtful greyscale. I bought her book off the basis of like one illustration I loved it so much. Her line vs texture vs shading is fascinating and all her characters have such emotion to them.

Andrea Serio : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s it guys. His art just blows me away. 

Charlotte Ager : weird bright mixed media. Her work is more abstract and sketchy-messy than I usually like but some of it (landscapes/architecture particularly) just astounds me in its perfection. A reminder that all the styles of art can be good.

Some others I feel like I’m maybe on the cusp of getting really into: Laura Carlin, William Grill, and Dominique Corbasson.