Day 5: In Practice

I hadn’t really intended to blog today. Partly because it’s Sunday and I don’t want to burn out. But mostly because, so far, Blaugust has actually been really really effective. Way too effective, to be honest.

I’d set up a rough plan for the month, including a topic for most days, a few posts half-written here and there, and I’d even started doing ‘homework’ for future posts. But the point is to document a process. And the process is (happily!) taking me to places I couldn’t have anticipated.

I could press on into further topics and I intend to. But I also need to pause and put a few things into practice. So I’m giving myself a day’s breather, and letting you know the things I’m going to do as homework over the next few days.

  1. Do a few roughs for illustrations whose sole purpose is to convey emotions, ideas, moods etc. Do not consider their commercial/portfolio relevance.
  2. Take a few of my favourite one-off illustrations and develop roughs that belong in the same narrative but show different aspects of the story. These should be varied enough that they wouldn’t feel repetitive when put all together.

Happy weekend 🙂

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