Day 21 and I’m flagging

Blaugust is beginning to fall by the wayside. I’m not too upset about this because I feel like it served a pretty useful purpose, and the reason I’m struggling to blog is because I want to spend all my time experimenting and making art.


So today let’s just talk about that. On the weekend I went out with my watercolour set for the first time and did the two images above and below this paragraph. I sat with my brother in a warm food court and we sketched a rainy Melbourne. On the practical side of things I learned that it’s good to have more than one sketchbook, so you can swap between them as paint dries. I brought them both just so I had options and it turned out to be really useful. On the art theory side of things, I mostly learned that I should go out and do this a lot more.


At home I’ve been trying to stretch myself out to more complicated scenes in traditional media, with characters, settings, and lighting. I’m working purely from reference at the moment, and am loving Jamie Oliver’s recipe books as a source of interesting reference material. This picture was done from a lovely atmospheric photo in Jamie’s Italy and, while there are a lot of flaws, I think it’s a good starting point. I’m getting to a good value range and, above all, it’s just fun to paint a full scene in my sketchbook. It gives me a taste of what I could get to.


I’ve been using my black pencil a lot, and I also want to experiment with shadow lines in blues and purples and browns. And I’ve gotta remember to use pencils first and then crayons, because you can’t use pencil on top of crayon…

All in all though, it’s going well, and I think maybe (for all that I set new goals just the other day) it’s a good idea to run with experimentation + reflection for a while, and then dip back into theory once I’ve let myself find my own way.

So see you sometime soonish, maybe. But also maybe I should just stop attempting to predict what I’m going to write about because I could equally be back tomorrow with theory 😀

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