replied to your post “taking (specific) requests: I am currently building up my ‘educational…”

oOo do me as a kid… I used to like to dress up in a big floppy hat and jump in puddles idk if this is right for the ‘doing things’ part of the request…



when I read this it was cropped short (idk maybe it was on my phone or in the drop down menu or something) and so I only got as far as “I used to like to dress up”.  I thought it was kind of weird that you hadn’t said who/what you liked to dress up as but I somehow didn’t realise there might have been more to the reply? So I decided to dress you up as a superhero and I only got around to reading the full message when I was responding to Shreeya’s request and your pic was basically finished by that stage so…. here is baby!you as a superhero instead. (Though I do like the floppy hat + jumping in puddles combo so I may also draw you again…)

Aaaanyway, here is the picture that you did not in any way request: