You’re under not even the slightest hint of obligation, but if you’re looking for favorite characters to put in 40’s clothing, Eleanor of Eleanor & Park or Cath of Fangirl (or Reagan of Fangirl, for that matter) would all be great. I’m so excited to hear you’ve got an official-type project. I hope it’s satisfying in every way (and that your fans get to see the results)! :-)


Have a sad 1940s (loosely based on) Eleanor picture.

I have some very specific ideas about how I want my new project to look and this is kind of getting there but hasn’t /quite/ made it. Though I’m not sure if that’s just because I haven’t spent enough time adding detail or if it’s because there’s a concept or decision or something I haven’t got ~right~ yet. Hmmmmmm.

Editing to add:

I think maybe I was mostly just missing detail. This feels much closer to my imagination.

(And yes, you will see it when it’s done. I realise I still haven’t posted my last project. That’s coming sometime.)