One of the things I got out of yesterday was the realisation that I really could be getting/giving more on my portfolio website ( @sylviamorrisillustration ) and I’m not sure how it’s all going to pan out, but for a while I’ll probably be trying different things on here, and on my portfolio tumblr and who knows how it’ll work.

But, basically, on my ~professional~ online presence, I’ve been making it all about the pictures. Which is cool in the sense that the pictures are the most important thing, but there’s more? The industry is made up of people, and they like to connect with you as a person. Anyway, I’m going to be messing around with things and I’m giving you all a heads up even though I don’t quite know what the heads up is for…



well, with the cat explains their reaction? but leaves less room for text? dunno. is the cat going to eat them? it’s a little scary that way. don’t know if that’s good or bad (or neither) though.


I like the image with the cat in most (catlady bias showing) But I think the contrast of light and dark is too strong? For my eyes the cat needs to be lighter, or the background needs to be darker, so its not too unbalanced? pardon me!


I like the one with the cat! It balances out well.

Okay cool, thanks so much you guys 🙂 I like the idea of it being scary/dramatic, and, yeah, the composition + story work better with the cat. So I’ll have a play with lessening the contrast and see if I can get it to gel a little better 🙂

Umm-ing and ahh-ing over what to do with the cat. Potentially just leave it out?

Feedback very much welcome even if it’s just “i like that one and i don’t know why” or “i think they’re fairly equal but X looks more like Y emotion” or “don’t put either of these in your portfolio, they’re worse than everything else you’ve ever made”.



Announcing Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Fanart Contest!

Hungry dinner party attendees! We are hereby hosting a fanart contest as a part of our Poe Party campaign. Draw your favorite author that’s been revealed, what you think might be going down at the party, your own version of the logo–whatever your creative brain desires!

The Shipwrecked team will be judging the entries based on how well they capture the essence of the Poe Party, not on artistic merit, so artists of all skill levels may apply!

Be sure and include the kickstarter link in your post and tag it #poeparty to be eligible for consideration. Entries are due Friday, February 19th at midnight PST, and a winner will be chosen by the following Monday. The winner will receive a signed character poster of their choice from the campaign!

Happy drawing, and be sure to bring your appetite…for murder!

I would like to add that Shipwrecked are always lovely about fan art. They are so enthusiastic and joyous about it (regardless of how technically skilled it is) which I have been enormously grateful for over the last two years. It’s basically just a big circle of love. 

So if you’re hovering on the fence – it’s probably worth making something 🙂

have you answered 5 and 6? because if not, you should!

Ahhh I haven’t.

Okay so fave things to draw: People mostly, sneaking around and having adventures? I don’t know. Like, I like to draw dresses too but only for doodling, not for actually colouring them and stuff. But yeah it’s pretty much just characters and then I like to imagine who they are and what their lives are like and what they’re doing.

Least favourite: Anything mechanical… or, like, built by humans? idk, I’m trying to draw this car in a picture at the moment and… URGHHHHHHH it just feels like there’s no forgiveness there. Also I never practise. Maybe that’s it.

I will also say I hate doing anything that requires lots of detail. I tend to prefer to leave my pictures a little empty rather than adding all the props that might make them feel a little more real/lifelike. I’m the same with writing. Like, I’m never struggling by being over the wordcount. I’d rather have a few concise sentences than waffle. I realise I’m waffling now but that’s because I’m not writing a story or an essay, I’m just explaining.

Aaaaand now you all know all my secrets 😛

What are you currently trying to improve on?

Hmm, it might seem like a subtle or weird thing but:

 – multiple but varied compositions within the same story/world

I noticed that I was good at coming up with an interesting composition for one moment in a story, and I was good at coming up with a surrounding story that was interesting. BUT I wasn’t great at turning those other story moments into interesting compositions. So I’d do the second piece in a series and it would feel flat even if I liked the story and character. 

To this end, I’ve been looking through lots of picture books to find how different moments are captured and how the story flows from one composition to the next. I’ve also been practising coming up with multiple compositions in the same universe before completing the first piece in that universe. And I’ve been trying to remind myself of the many different ways to make a good composition. I really feel like patience is key for this one – you’ve gotta create a bunch of comps of the same story moment before actually jumping in. 

(Don’t jump in. I always knew soccer would turn out to be useful. :P)

1, 25

1. I like to draw my piece out traditionally (I’m trying to work on digital sketching but… it’s tough) but I like to actually create the final piece digitally. I get anxious when working traditionally (no undo) and so a lot of the time my traditional work turns out stiff because I know I can’t take anything back. And I like the flexibility of changing colour whenever you want etc. Having said that, my work can also end up stiff when I work digitally because I overwork it trying to make it “perfect”. idk, I like them both but I definitely prefer digital.

25. I switch and change throughout the day. My favourite is to listen to people talking though so I often put on a tv show I know well in the background (atm it’s Miss Fisher). I’ve listened to Cabin Pressure so many times I probably know it off by heart. And I bought HP1 as an audiobook and that’s working well (on my second listen through atm). But it has to be something I know so I can tune in and out easily.

I tend to find music too distracting if I have to make decisions, but if I know exactly what I’m going to do then I can put music on.

Thank you :)))