the highs and lows

I’ve been spending a lot of time distracted lately, what with my parents visiting, me preparing to go overseas and general life stuff. But even more distracting than all of those things are ideas. I keep finding myself lost in the dreamland of ideas for the next book I want to write. My mind has become tired of the novel I’m finishing up and no longer gets excited by those characters. I can make myself interested in it again but it doesn’t happen spontaneously.

Today though, I wrote an ending I like. I wrote it on paper, unlike the rest of the story, and I think that helped me focus my attention. So hooray for learning ways to focus and hooray for endings.

Now to finish it all up in the next 4 weeks…

2nd draft woes: endings.

I have chopped and changed and rearranged my novel and now I’m feeling almost happy with it. There’s just one problem: the ending. I knew it wasn’t that great as I was writing it and now it’s even worse. I don’t know whether I’d be better off writing one really beautiful paragraph and leaving it open ended or writing an extra three chapters so that the ending in my head is another mini-adventure. Perhaps I need to throw out the ending in my head and try to think of a new ending that fits better. One thing’s for sure and that is that what I have is not good enough.

Fortunately I don’t think I’m alone because, as smirk inducing as this comparison is, Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld novels never seem to me that they end quite as well as they begin and continue.

So does anyone out there have any stories of endings gone wrong? Or methods for writing endings? Or examples of great endings? let me know.