Seeing Color Exchange



Seeing Color is a multifandom exchange created to celebrate chromatic characters, allowing both fic and art. Nominations are ongoing.

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Nominations: May 9th โ€“ 20th
Signups: May 24th โ€“ June 3rd
Assignments out by no later than: June 9th
Works due: August 9th
Works revealed: August 17th
Creators revealed: August 24th

Sign-ups now open!

Hi guys! Iโ€™m signed up to take part in this fanfic/art exchange. If you wanna be a part of it too, then you should sign up now! The more the merrier! Lots of your fave fandoms are here (JtV, CP!, HP, SW:TFA + others that donโ€™t abbreviate so nicely) and you might end up with me making fan art for you ๐Ÿ™‚