Happy HP20 you guys! This project, which ended up being about 50 pieces of fan art for PoA is now, 6 months on from the end, one of my favourite things I’ve ever made. If you turned up late, you can go through it chronologically here.

And it’s just been long enough that I’m starting to itch to get back into HP fan art again. If I do though it won’t be on this blog but over on my main tumblr @sylvia-morris so come say hi over there.

Thanks for being part of this fantasy world and making it bigger. The huge sprawling Harry Potter fandom, both on and offline, has been a thing of joy since I was 10  years old and I’m so happy it’s still going strong (albeit a little calmer now, I think…).

I haven’t made any new fan art to put up for HP20 day but I think we can probably all be safe in the knowledge that there will be more one day… :’D

Aaaaaand, welcome to the first instalment of Fan Art Fridays, in which I post a piece of fan art on (most) Fridays in a desperate attempt to improve at drawing (a) people interacting, and (b) likenesses of real people. (There probably won’t be any backgrounds, like, at all.) The goals are: to post regularly, regardless of how good the picture is, and to get better.

First up are DS Camille Bordey and DI Humphrey Goodman of Death in Paradise – a fun detective show set in the Caribbean. Camille also has one of my favourite wardrobes in all of television, though sadly that’s not really on display here. Next time.