you should follow these artists

okay so these people are basically my favourite artists and inspirations and yes, i’m discovering new artists to love all the time but I have been following these people for ages and they feel very important to me.

pascalcampion – all the feelings of nostalgia and :O pretty light

mhdunaway – poetic travels. about life.

paperalligator – texture and fascinating details and shapes and i always just stare in awe

phoebewahl – peaceful, natural, idyllic. like a cup of tea on a rainy day

dommifox – she knows how to design characters. everything is interesting.

siminiblocker – all your fan art needs in beautiful painterly styles

kalidraws – idk just like perfect?

oamul – makes you feel like you’re living in a pretty dream

brionymaysmith – cute and eerie fantasy worlds that feel like fairytales and nursery rhymes and magic

laurahughes-illustrator – adorably happy brightly coloured adventures

katealizadeh – colourful and scribbly

If you’re an artist looking to diversify your faces:


  1. click this link
  2. draw whomever you get
  3. don’t worry about making it super-accurate, just focus on the characteristic parts of the face and have fun
  4. the outcome might not look like the ref, but it will be different and more varied than faces you draw out of your head, an dprobably pretty rad on its own right!
  5. feel free to reblog with your drawing, if you want!

memories and inspiration.

In highschool I had an old computer in my room. It was my journal for two years. Sure, I used it for other things – assignments, photos – but its primary function in my life was as a journal. It held my alternately miserable and optimistic poetry, detailed stories of “what happened at school today” and many pages of me trying to work out how I felt about things. Mostly boys.

I no longer have that computer. I saved some of the most interesting bits onto my laptop when I first changed computers and then, after a while, I deleted those too. They had too much emotion in them. They kept me holding onto a past that no longer existed. Every now and then I wish I could read them and laugh at myself and feel sad over old things but I know that, at the time, I needed to delete them to move on.

I’ve always kept journals in fits and bursts. I can’t count the number of notepads that have been, at one point or another, my diary. I’ve thrown out most of them and left the rest in Adelaide. I have a habit of starting them, keeping them regularly for a while, and then leaving them for months at a time. I used to think this was a failing on my part – a lack of commitment – and then one day I woke up and realised that it wasn’t.

I write as long as it is still good and fun and useful and doesn’t feel like a chore. I keep diaries when I need to think outside of my mind, when I’m having trouble keeping track or I’m scared of forgetting something. I keep diaries to help me make important decisions or to note when something feels so important that I don’t ever want to forget it. When I have my eureka moments, when I see something tragic… and so on. They serve their purpose and then I abandon them.

Now that I have decided to be a writer of stories – rather than a recorder and analyser of events – I sometimes wish that I had kept more of those records. I wonder how important our memories are. I wonder if it’s important to remember things correctly. I wonder if keeping all those old memories and emotions would have been an asset to my writing. I wonder if they would have been a detriment to my life.

Tell me, are you a hoarder of memories in physical form or do you let your brain sift through them as it will?