I went to the John Olsen exhibition at NGV with @waitingforturnips yesterday and we saw lots of cool things. 

The first John Olsen I ever saw was at the SA Art Gallery, and I loved it so much that I had to go home and look for more of his work online. But then when we got into the exhibition yesterday, I was suddenly nervous. They organised somewhat chronologically, which is normal and fine, but his early work was so filled with brown and grey, and it was so much bolder – without the delicate detail I love – that I had a few moments of “this is the guy, right? i haven’t just mixed two artists up???” But then he suddenly seemed to discover colours, and over the course of the exhibition the work felt more ~right~ to me and I found a whole lot more pieces I love. Some of them are here, others I only took atrocious photos of and so they are not….

1. Pied Beauty (1969)

2. Lake Hindmarsh, the Wimmera (1970), Lake Eyre (1975), The Murray running into Lake Alexandrina (1975), Dark void (1976), The Simpson Desert approaching the void (1976)

3. Bathurst Butter (1999), Cooper’s Creek in flood (1975-76), River passing through a plain (1982)

4. Nightfall, when wattle stains the doubting heart (1980)

5. Golden Summer, Clarendon (1983)