What are you currently trying to improve on?

Hmm, it might seem like a subtle or weird thing but:

 – multiple but varied compositions within the same story/world

I noticed that I was good at coming up with an interesting composition for one moment in a story, and I was good at coming up with a surrounding story that was interesting. BUT I wasn’t great at turning those other story moments into interesting compositions. So I’d do the second piece in a series and it would feel flat even if I liked the story and character. 

To this end, I’ve been looking through lots of picture books to find how different moments are captured and how the story flows from one composition to the next. I’ve also been practising coming up with multiple compositions in the same universe before completing the first piece in that universe. And I’ve been trying to remind myself of the many different ways to make a good composition. I really feel like patience is key for this one – you’ve gotta create a bunch of comps of the same story moment before actually jumping in. 

(Don’t jump in. I always knew soccer would turn out to be useful. :P)

You’re under not even the slightest hint of obligation, but if you’re looking for favorite characters to put in 40’s clothing, Eleanor of Eleanor & Park or Cath of Fangirl (or Reagan of Fangirl, for that matter) would all be great. I’m so excited to hear you’ve got an official-type project. I hope it’s satisfying in every way (and that your fans get to see the results)! :-)


Have a sad 1940s (loosely based on) Eleanor picture.

I have some very specific ideas about how I want my new project to look and this is kind of getting there but hasn’t /quite/ made it. Though I’m not sure if that’s just because I haven’t spent enough time adding detail or if it’s because there’s a concept or decision or something I haven’t got ~right~ yet. Hmmmmmm.

Editing to add:

I think maybe I was mostly just missing detail. This feels much closer to my imagination.

(And yes, you will see it when it’s done. I realise I still haven’t posted my last project. That’s coming sometime.)