just a sec, i’m thinking.

A response to Art Assignment: Make A Thing by Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan, also drawing inspiration from Brandan Odums’ Artistic Alchemy Art Assignment.

I love things that make me think about the internet and technology. I love technology. I love how fast it changes and I love how connected we can be.

I got caught up thinking about symbols. (I love contemplating the etymology(?) of symbols and how symbols carry very specific meanings just like words do. Multimodal communication is good times.) And I was also thinking about things from the internet/computers that I would wish for in real life.

Sometimes I just pause, apparently. When I’m really stressed. My husband says I sometimes just stand, as if paralysed, while I try to figure out what’s going on. 

Sometimes I want a minute to think about what I’m going to say before I say it. Or I just start talking before I’ve figured out where I’m going.

I figured a loading symbol would be useful.

And then I thought about how I often start thinking of an idea but then get sidetracked and think about other things and forget what my plan was and start randomly refreshing websites. I thought if I could make something tactile for myself to remind me that I’m thinking along a very specific line, for a very specific purpose… something that uses up my hand so I can’t just hit refresh on tumblr.

(Rollerblade wheel: I bought some rollerblades from an op shop. They were a tiny bit too big and a little bit broken. I didn’t really feel safe using them so I just left them sitting in my room for a while. The Artistic Alchemy Assignment encouraged me to make something with them so I spent a good afternoon taking the wheels off and cleaning them and trying to take the rest of the skates apart. I couldn’t make my plan work though, so I just left the pieces in a plastic bag and tripped over it constantly.)

(NB: Yes, mostly loading signs go the other way but I already put the whole thing together before painting it. Feel free to invent your own practical/philosophical reason as to why my version might spin anticlockwise.)